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       Kalima is a ruin that is ravaged by a strong water current. It is an event location , at the end of the map is a monster named  Kundun .  He invades this map every 2 hours , and have powerful stats : HP 50000000,DMG 2000~2500 . You can find him between coordinates 33:66 and 51:90 but also in Devil Square event (but you don't get all rewards because that is an Illusion of Kundun) .

Kundun starting at
Every 2 HourFrom 00:10 Server Time
The Kundun Level Restrictions
Entry LevelEvent Stage
300 or AboveKalima

Special Rewards
Rewards list
Sapphire110Who kills Kundun
Regular Rewards
Rewards List
Ancient Items (Set Parts)

Players Score will be increased with 70.

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