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Raklion Hatchery Event - Info

     Raklion Hatchery Event or La Cleon Event, takes place every 4 hours in the MasoniaMU Land. The passageway of this Event is called  the Hatchery Gate Portal , which is located in a map called La Cleon (coordinates: 147, 28) and the warp zone coordinates is: 175, 25.


     - All Characters with level 240 or higher can Enter. Except Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord can enter there at level 160 or higher.

     - Teleport to the map by using M command at level 240 . (Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord with level 160 or higher)

     - You can also use the chat system by typing “/Warp LaCleon” to be teleported in faster. (Zen requirement: 520,000)


Structure of the map:

     - The safety zone, the hunting area, and the Boss Zone

     Before the arrival of Selupan (Boss Monster) you will be able to move freely around the areas and maps. However, after Selupan appears within time, unfortunately you will not be able to use the M command to move until the event ends.
The maximum number of participants that are allowed to enter in the Hatchery is 10.


Event Stages:

     1st: Kill all the Cooler monsters

     2nd: Kill all the Spider Eggs

     3rd: Kill Selupan Boss

     Event will only start when this message is shown on the screen: “Raklion Hatchery portal is closed. Raklion Hatchery has started, kill all the spiders”


If fail:

     If you did not kill the first Spider Eggs ,Selupan will become immortal.
Each round is the per-requisite for the next stage. If you fail to kill the monsters during the stages within the time limits, your mission has failed.

Special Rewards
Rewards list
Sapphire100Who kills Selupan
Regular Rewards
Rewards List
Soket Items

  As rewards you can get 4 of the items above : Socket Item with random sokets (from 1 to 5) with Luck and Additional Option.

      Player Score will be increased with  100.

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