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Blood Castle Event - Info

     One of the strongest warriors in the Continent of MU (Guardian Archangel) has secretly been laying watch over the lands that he has sworn to protect. As Kundun's presence approaches, the Archangel has been warding off all the monsters trying to invade the Continent of MU. But also our Guardian Archangel can not fend on his own forever.
     Kundun's Army has invaded his Castle and has overcome the strength of the Archangel. The Archangel is injured and you must aid him in his most dire time of need. Unable to summon his strengths without his Divine Weapon of Archangel, you have been asked to infiltrate this now over ridden Castle and retrieve his weapon for him.

The items needed
Item Name
Blood Castle Ticket x 1

      Item above can be found in every Main NPC Shop

Blood Castle Event starting at
Every HourFrom 0:30 to 23:30
The Blood Castle Event Level Restrictions
Entry LevelEvent Stage

      If you get killed during the event, you will be warped back to home town.

      Players Score will be increased with "Blood Castle Points gained / 100"

Special Rewards
Rewards list
Sapphire50When quest completed
Regular Rewards
Rewards List
Random ANCIENT Item (SET Parts)

      Your Reward will be added in your Gramory Case

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There is a place that you can find
Where everyone is always kind,
Where everything is harmony,
Where every man is always free.

A place where men can do good deeds
And share their lot with those with needs,
But still have fun in all they do
While being good and firm and true.

Look for a sign with compasses and square,
Easily found, they're most everywhere,
Just note the website uniform resource locator
To know where Masonian's goes to meet.